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Atom 10' S.U.P - YOGA

ATOM 10' S.U.P. - YOGA 

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Why Do Stand Up Paddle Boarding? There are several reasons Stand Up Paddleboarding has been the fastest growing sport for the past several years.  First and foremost it's fun!  Whether you're braving the surf, searching for the fish, exploring a new tributary, going for a cruise in the open water, or just floating around with a friend, your iSUP will put a smile on your face every time you stand on it. And even if fun isn't your thing, what your iSUP will do for your fitness will still make you happy. Stand up paddleboarding is the ultimate core workout and any trainer will tell you sustainable fitness starts with a strong core.

Why buy an INFLATABLES.U.P.?  Apart from the obvious convenience of being able to fit your iSUP in the trunk of your car or the corner of your closet, iSUPs are surprisingly much more durable than traditional fiberglass hard SUPs.  If you don't want to stress about hitting rocks, dropping your board on concrete, or even running over it with your car buy an inflatable SUP.  They're virtually indestructible, and much safer in the water as well. Which would you rather fall onto, a hard fiberglass board or an air cushion?